Bohemian Boat Ibiza Llaüt |4hs

Sailing on a llaüt is without a doubt a unique experience, and an amazing way of getting to know the Ibiza.

Spending time on a typical llaüt is also an opportunity to see the Ibiza coastline from a different perspective.

The llaüt is small and very stable, even in rough seas. It originated on as a boat intended for fishing, mainly trawling. Its past actually dates back all the way to the Phoenicians, but its true creators were the so-called “mestres d’aixa” (masters of the adze – a boat-building tool), or “carpinteros de ribera” (riverbank carpenters), a trade that is near extinction but still survives in certain areas of Balearic islands.

Included: Skipper, Cool drinks, Beer, Cava, Snacks, fuel. 

Not Included: VAT 21%.

Port Base: San Antonio de Portmany


Half day:

-South: Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Tarida.

-North: Punta Galera, Cala Salada, Margaritas Island.

Morning: 11.00-15.00

Sunset: 17.00- to sunset

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