Ibiza Jet Ski Tours to Atlantis – YAMAHA VX WAVERUNNER

Atlantis is one of the most magical places in Ibiza.

Come with us and enjoy a guided excursion on a jet ski and discover this special place, which is difficult to reach on foot, and impossible by car.
It is a place of legend, an almost secret place, with natural pools and carved rocks.
An old hippie stronghold with natural pools and carved rocks.
Previously it was an area where the stones were removed for Dal Vila, then with the passage of time, erosion, and the hand of man have been modified creating incredible shapes.
In the 60’s it was an area where Hippies gathered to rest and meditate. Since then the rocks have been adorned with sculpted figures of fish, Buddhas and appeals for peace.

What’s included/ Required?

  • Life jacket
  • Max Capacity: 2 people
  • Location: San antonio – CBBC
  • License: No Required
  • Age: 16 to drive

All renters are fitted into a life vest and given a full “on the water” instruction before riding starts.

  • Non-licensed individuals between 16 and 18 can drive with an adult on the back.
  • Younger persons are welcome as passengers at the discretion of their parents. There is no age restriction; however, all passengers must be strong swimmers and be comfortable in the water.
  • Personal items can be safely left on the beach with the staff, so please tell customers not to leave them in their car.
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