Ibiza Jet Ski Tours to Es Vedra – Yamaha VX WaveRunner

The most popular of our tours is this one that takes you to Es Vedrà Islet.

One of the best excursions that can be done by Jet Ski in Spain runs along the west coast of Ibiza, from the bay of San Antonio to the mythical islet of Es Vedrà.

Es Vedra is an island that is part of a natural reserve due to its great ecological value. Endemic plants and animals are found on this island. There is a great variety of lizards, native birds that stand out for their colors and sizes. It is also very important since it is a place where seabirds go to reproduce. Its marine reserve also stands out.

Something curious about the island is its fame, as a magnetic and magical point. 

Some fishermen have talked about lights on the seabed. Even in 1979 a Spanish aeronautical pilot was forced to land forcibly when he was allegedly pursued by UFO, some books also collect testimonies of fishermen working in waters near the islet who claim to have seen lights enter and leave the water, even watch them go underneath their boats.  

What’s included/ Required?

  • Life jacket
  • Max Capacity: 2 people
  • Location: San antonio- CBBC
  • License: No Required
  • Age: All ages, 16+ to drive

All renters are fitted into a life vest and given a full “on the water” instruction before riding starts.

  • Non-licensed individuals between 16 and 18 can drive with an adult on the back.
  • Younger persons are welcome as passengers at the discretion of their parents. There is no age restriction; however, all passengers must be strong swimmers and be comfortable in the water.
  • Personal items can be safely left on the beach with the staff, so please tell customers not to leave them in their car.
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